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Since buying Avalon Pet Hotel in 2010, our vision has always been to ensure that we have the best cat and dog facilities in the area. We wanted to create a happy, safe, hygienic, loving and fun place for cats to be cared for.
We have put in a great deal of effort to make sure we have staff who have a vast knowledge of Cats, and their many different needs, in order to make their stay with us a wonderful experience. So, when we decided to build our brand new Cat Hotel, we wanted to offer everything a cat owner would wish for and make every cat who stays at Avalon Cat Hotel feel like it's their home with some special treats on offer as well!


Avalon Cat Hotel is set in it's own tranquil setting within our grounds. This is the Creme de la Creme of Cat Hotels. 

It is manufactured to be: 

  • Light, bright and hygienic with PVCu framework 

  • Tranquil Music played throughout the Cat Hotel 

  • Cool in the summer, warm in winter insulated and light reflective high gloss panelling and multi-level and heat-reflective polycarbonate roofing.
    Each suite has a thermostatically controlled heater 

  • Panoramic views over our gardens and wildlife areas through safety glass and our garden pond 

  • Rigid 1" square galvanised steel mesh for extra strength & security 


Each suite will have its own selection of toys, beds and scratch posts to keep your cat feel like home as much as possible

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