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Q. Does my animal have to be vaccinated?
A. All cats and dogs must have up to date vaccinations at least 72 hours prior to arrival.
All dogs have to have the additional vaccination against ‘kennel cough’ 2 weeks prior to arrival.
Proof of vaccination will be needed before admission to Avalon.

Q. My dog is in season can she still board?
A. Yes – we will exercise her away from other dogs but she will be boarded at your own risk.

Q. My dog is on medication can he board?
A. We will administer medicines as instructed by the owner. Please ensure that we have sufficient medication for the duration of the stay. A charge will incur for certain types of medication i.e. meds that need to be administered 12 hours apart - please ask a member of staff for more information regarding this. If we have any concerns regarding your pets health we will contact your vet to discuss them. 

Q. Can my dog/cat bring its own bed in?
A. We provide a bed and ‘vet bedding’ for all animals boarded with us. We prefer to use our own as we can wash it on a regular basis in order to keep the kennels fresh. If you feel that your pet needs something from home please provide a small item that can be put in his bed. Any toys or blankets that you send with him are at sent at your own risk.

Q. What is included in your charges?
A. Our charges include the cost of boarding, food, heating, insurance and VAT. The only additional charge that we could make would be for a flea bath on entry to the kennels. We also reserve the right to charge a supplement for bookings over the Christmas and New Year period.

Q. What is covered by your insurance?
A. All animals boarded at Avalon are covered by our kennel insurance. Our insurance covers accident or injury of an animal should it be deemed that we have cause the accident or illness, our insurance does not cover for pre existing conditions, or if something happens to your animal which is out of our control, ie stoke, fits etc

Q. How often do you walk the dogs?
A. Our policy here at Avalon is for the dogs to have free exercise. They have access to a grass paddock three times a day for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time, dependant on weather. We do not socialise dogs, unless from the same family, as a matter of safety.

Q. Do you exercise dogs together?

A. For the safety of your pet, we never exercise dogs together if they are not from the same household. 

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit for each stay?
A. We ask for a deposit for your pet's first stay with us. After this we take bookings on trust, however we would hope that, if for any reason you do not need the booking, you would call to cancel the space. If your cancellation is made less that 48 hours before the commencement of booking a charge of 50% of the balance will be made. For persistent ‘non arrivals’ we will ask for a non-refundable deposit with each booking made.

Q. I cannot get my animal to the kennels – can you help?
A. We can provide a collection and delivery service. Please call to ask about our rates.

Q. Is there someone on the property at all times?

A. Yes we have someone on the property 24/7 and CCTV is

running at all times around the property.

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