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"Our four dogs are extremely well cared for when boarding at Avalon Kennels and are always fit, well and happy when we pick them up.  Nothing is a problem for the staff and are accommodating when we book in at short notice or change pick up times. Security and dog safety is well managed and we feel thoroughly confident when leaving them for any length of time."

The Thornton-Allan Family

"Our two year old Beagles stay at Avalon on a regular basis and have done so since they were puppies. We have total confidence in Avalon's friendly and courteous staff and our dogs are always very happy, settled and well looked after during their visits. Although our round trip takes one and a half hours, the levels of service and the resultant peace of mind makes it all worthwhile. Thank you Avalon."

John & Anne, Wokingham


What does your mind conjure up when you think of Avalon?

  1. The island in the Arthurian legend?

  2. Roxy Music?

  3. A proper little home from home?

Well for me its c).  I’ve been coming here for the past 6-7 years and it’s great! 

The staff are so helpful and friendly I am always greeted with a smile. I come most days for the Dog Day Care and am a regular boarder.  I feel like I have two families. Mum and Dad are happy that I’m here and I am happy to be with company all day.

The new Dog Hotel is the highlight of my stay, plenty of visibility, spacious kennels, underfloor heating, I could go on. A book at bedtime and a treat on the pillow wouldn’t go a miss!

As for the other services, food, a grooming parlour, baked bones (my favourite), pet supplies … did I mention food?

Jelly, Cocker Spaniel (aged 13 ½)

“Lima and Romeo our 2 GSD's are almost too happy and willing to go when the Avalon transport turns up to take them to the kennels, the ungrateful lot!!! 

Avalon's facility to pick up and deliver the dogs reliably at the agreed time makes our lives so much easier. They are also excellent with emails which gives a clear record to us and to them of what was agreed.”

Dr J Hruska

"I have a puppy call Aston who is now a year old. I have been bringing him to stay at Avalon Kennels from the age of six months. I was worried the first time as he is precious to me and I was afraid to leave him. I left him with one of the kennel maids who took him away, both he and I were anxious. On my return the next day he was so happy to see me.

Aston has been in for sleep over's many times now,  when we arrive at Avalon he cannot wait to see his kennel maid. He trots off without a look back.

I have found Avalon Kennels a perfect haven for my dog. The kennel staff are always friendly and helpful. The proprietors are very knowledgeable and are happy to discuss any problems I may have with my dog. Avalon also provide a good service for pet care such as grooming, they also carry a good range of pet supplies."

A very satisfied customer

"I feel very confident in leaving my two dogs and two cats in the care of Avalon Kennels and Cattery. They are always happy to see the friendly girls who look after them and usually I am not even given a backward glance! I really appreciate the fact that the dogs are able to go out three times a day. Great care is taken when booking them in each time, when details of their food regime and any medication or general concerns are dealt with. The collection service has proved invaluable and on the odd occasion when our return has been delayed it has not been a problem in arranging for them to be kept in for an extra night. All this means that we are regular customers!"

Mrs C, Henley-On-Thames

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